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Ahoy! All Aboard the Awkwardly Quiet Ship!

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You may have heard but Japanese people are really nice and friendly, but the alternative side to that is they are ridiculously Quiet compared to Americans. Walking down the street towards a 東京の地下鉄 or Tokyo subway, I can be expected to not talk to anyone right? Right.  Yet then someone bumps into me or steps on the back of my shoe, which I absolutely despise and hold grudges against anyone who does this, in America people would say, “O-Sorry, I really didn’t mean to!” but nooooooo! In Japan if that happens, well it just doesn’t happen. Oddly enough people are observant even though they are living zombies who say they are “Land of the Rising Sun” but they could possibly be the worst morning people ever. Not cranky or anything, but when I get on the train and I’m just chinchillin I couldn’t possibly imagine someone starting a conversation with me out of the reminiscent, swaying, train. Haha, you thought I was actually telling you a story from my experiences? I wish! I have a few Japanese friends that live in Tokyo whom I talk with daily. They tell me their struggles and their fun experiences like traveling to Okinawa for a School trip. I will move to Japan within some time but for now I will relay the things my Japanese friends want to share and give my experiences once in a while too. I often buy Asian Candies and travel around the world doing photography so sharing my life isn’t all that quaint and simple. More Photos will be released once I find that damn cord and get my Japanese studying out-of-the-way. Jeez, only if there was some way to slap on a icy-hot type patch to stimulate my brain so I would never have to motivate myself to actually do something than laying in my bed getting distracted by those audacious candies that crawl out from under my bed and yell at me to devour them.

~Noah (^~^)v


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