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Questions, Yes Questions, I Have Them Too.

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Creatively, God designed this Universe. Whether I know if this is true or not, I will never know. Even when I die I may not ever know, but I hope that my questions about the Cosmos can be answered someday. Even if they are from someone whom I have no faith in. My desired field of study happens to be Astronomical Physics, or Astrophysics. This topic has neither end nor start, but I can at least ask a question and hope that soon enough I can answer it for others too.

The Study of Physics, dreaded by many yet everyone is curious. Why does this book really fall just as fast as the peanut even though the book is heavy enough to be a pain to carry? Although I lug around this book all day, why can it not teach me why everything falls 9.8 meters per second per second. The enormous college Physics text book whispers to me, “gravity”. Almost like a Mother saying, “Because I said so.” The child wanting to yell, “Yeah, but why!?” The questions everyone is yelling into the air around us. The Physics book and Mother are similar, how? They both have experience but cannot explain their reasoning to the depth the child’s mind craves.

This is where I come in, with a pizza of knowledge. The poor kid has been starved by the answers he is given. Feeding the kid with yet another question, by saying, “Did you know that the Universe is constantly expanding, even against the forces of gravity like black holes?” Yes, this is true, because even with all of the efforts we have. There is no true explanation of why we have gravity, much less why the Cosmos is doing the opposite of what we think it should. My question is, why is the universe expanding and how did it start?

Tricky tricky, the questions of fate and infinity. Where will the Universe lead us? Well, the Universe is expanding because “as far as we know” the Universe is the definition of infinity. On-top of that vague statement, the “big-bang” also would have to be the start or recreation of our lively Universe. To really get a grasp of the big bang, since we cannot understand infinity, is to research and read published articles. A favorite theory of the Author (Noah Jewell), is one that states that there is also an anti-matter universe. Anti-matter destroys regular matter in a violent eruption when it touches regular matter. Fun fact, we can create Anti-matter. This anti-matter universe would have come in contact with ours, creating a two dimensional dot and bam the matter which we are, then existed.

Confirmation, of the “Big-bang theory” created by Stephen Hawking and confirmation of the book Genesis. This is very important, to me as it shows me the depth of gravity. I no longer have a need for the question of why a book falls just as fast as the peanut, because I have learned to accept it. No one has explained it to me, but I hope to find for myself more questions. Where I can accept even more complicated theories that exist today and progress into even deeper, twisted, theories. When I can do this, I will be creating theories of my own alongside my co-workers at a University.

~Noah (^~^)v


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