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Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 1

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Life Through Death

After School; Leaving the Book Club

I was walking down the side of the school from leaving the Council Meeting of the Book Club, as I saw an esoteric girl standing in the overshadow of the school. The sun was setting, it looked skillfully crafted as the sizzling concrete hit hard on my shoes. Man, dress shoes are such a pain. Especially the black ones, on the way home they just seem to heat up too much in the long walk. Anyways, what was this girl doing? She just seemed to be on her phone doing nothing that would make her stand out, but I got this odd feeling when I look away from her that she will appear next to m-

“ Hello!”

Her dimples pointed to her cheeks as she cocked that stupid head of hers and her hands were put on my right shoulder. Which that shoulder was sore because I had been carrying my messenger bag all day. Ugh, what a pain.


I mocked since earlier she decide to talk in English, to me seems like an insult because I am just as Japanese as she is. But whatever.


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