Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 2

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Looking at her in the gleam of the sunlight I responded, “what do you want?”

This quirky girl looked at me with her beautiful golden earthy eyes and paused.

“Ummm well I actually forgot, I had been waiting but I guess that will have to wait for later! Come on we are going to eat dinner, since I already know,” as she slides her arm under mine and starts to pull, “that no one is home waiting for you to eat how about I treat you!?”

Demonstrating her boldness, which led up to this moment… as we sit eating yakisoba. She has probably wiped out half of the restaurants supplies, as I sit here with my hand against my chin looking at how pleased her face appears to have exhausted the yakisoba provisions.

“So what did you really want?” This seems to have been the question she was waiting for.

She finishes some noodles in a delay. Which irritates me even more.

“Mmhmmm, just warm enough huh? So, I brought you here (almost with a completely different personality!) to tell you what your father and mother said.”

“Wait, what! How do you know them?”

Getting straight to the point. Mocking her in a sort. But at this point I could care less, she treated me to some dinner, stupid girl.


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