Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 3

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“Well, I don’t really need to tell you now do I? You either take my word or you don’t…”

“Hold out your hand.”

So demanding jeez, as she draws a familiar symbol on his wrist that demons could manage to remember as regular sapiens could never get the secrets on how to do it. Nor did they want to break out in a war for certain little nuances.

My mother appeared on my palm, talking about how these lower class demons were going to be swarming through the city soon as there was a movement to increase the despair of the regular sapiens.

Only the odd thing about my mother is that she was wearing a normal tee and dark wash jeans. But why?

Normally she is in the oddest clothing, stuff I really don’t want to see, well anyways I’m glad she is telling me this in a normal way. As she pulls off her shirt


“Dammit Mom,” as she pulls the shirt over her florescent purple hair. Revealing the dress made of keyboard keys. She did this on purpose to trick me.

“Anyways, you know that I’m all demon so they won’t bother with you but this girl here will be a target. She is a Shinigami, not a demon.”


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