Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 4

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I look up to see her smile with a blush and she pushes the few strands of fluorescent red hair out of her eyes. My Mother continues.

“So if you keep her near you, her power should be masked by yours from the lower demons but you will become a target to the higher ones, although that is much less frequent. She will be spending the next week with you. Bye Bye!”

She presses the sleep button on her dress and ironically the video ends too.

“So” I look up at this girl. “I guess it is enough proof.”

“I will help you, although I need you to help me, but the terms are as so: You supply the food then I will cook, I need time alone to play the Piano, and most importantly I really need some cash.” I jokingly nudge her as she knows what this means.

“B-But how are we going to get this money S-Senpai?”

Crazy, she doesn’t look like my junior but I guess she is kinda small.

“We have to kill some demons, you know how in a video game if you kill demons loot is dropped on the ground? Yeah well, this is the same way with demons. When they are killed, the demon leaves behind its soul. When we collect these souls they are traded for money. You should know this as a Shinigami?”


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