Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 5

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She looks away, “Oh look at the time! We should really be going home.”

I get up to shake her hand and say goodnight but she already started to walk out the door. Turning in the same direction to go home.

“Wow you live this way too?” I feel like I am starting to appreciate this girl.

“Yeah! I live at your house now.”

Immediately falling to the ground in despair.

“Come onnnnnn.” She pulls, “We are going to want to get home in time for Mika-kun!”

Being dragged my mind is all in despair, but I catch a thought wavering by with my hand and smash it. The thought read, “The show doesn’t premier until next week.” I get keep getting dragged until I sense an odd aura. Looking around I quickly scramble to my feet, falling and getting a welt on my head I am knocked out on the sidewalk.

Two demons face the girl. One carrying a sythe, the other carrying nothing but has an even darker presence about him. The first tries to cut her as she quickly puts on her glasses and points two fingers out into the air slicing diagonally. His comerade is staring at the jar of liquid that falls from the point of where there was just a low ranking demon. But this is too late, she is already behind him. He instantly dies, pulling out a sword of energy to cut his throat.

Walking over towards me “Awww, I can’t believe he passed out.”

She thinks to herself, “I’m glad he didn’t see any of this.”


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