Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 6

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As she wipes a sweat of relief from her forehead, “He may have been scared of me just seeing that bit.”

She picks up my arm to put around her shoulder and take me back to the apartment but a hand is placed on hers. She quickly swings my half-lifeless body to kick the man in the face a little of his hood coming back as the wind from the swing reveals his familiar face of swept back silver hair to her. Running towards my apartment she remembers the formality of the man from somewhere.

My memory fades out here but I remember being placed on the couch and a blanket being softly put over me with the sweet words, “I’ll be back in a second!”

Along with a stupidly cocked head and a smile. She runs back outside to be jabbed in the gut by the cloaked man and she falls into his shoulder. Being dragged off. As the morning sun wakes me up with a throbbing head I fall back onto the couch, I can hardly get up. After resuming my day like normal and making a delicious egg breakfast. I sit down and remember what happened. Getting up fast enough to make the chair behind me hit the wall 20 feet away and bust through, not really but pretty close, I run to the door and swing it open. To see her lazily walking down the road not 15 feet from the apartment.

I run to her.


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