Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 7

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“You aren’t at school!?! You will be late! I’ll be there in a minute but I don’t transfer until tomorrow. So I will make the place livable as you make good grades! Sorry to worry you, but we will talk about it on you way home from school.”

Running off to school, oddly as I could hardly say anything to her but, “Yeah, You owe me!”

I hop on my bike speeding off. I happen to notice a bracelet about a block down, especially at the dark pattern made out of the metalish build. I lean behind the light post to pick it up, and feel an odd moment of contact. I disregarded it as it could have been the slime on it, but it looked like it fell out of someones trash. Putting it on after quickly rubbing the spot of slime off, I think it looks nice compared to my arm.

Although this is no place to be sitting lolly-gagging about, I need to get going. Speeding to school as it would have been easier to take the walk but this will manage to save me a couple minutes at full speed compared to running the shortcuts. I slide my bike 90 degrees and stop at the last bike rack to put it in.

My friends waving to me, I smile and wave back. Although as I wave I felt as shock of pain run though my body and I collapsed. Unconscious, my friends see my sudden collapse and run towards me, my wrist that I was waving feels warm as I keep feeling the moment over and over in my reality of waving. Which hand was I waving? My friends see a strange barrier placed over me, as the girl is here and

The bracelet on my wrist is glowing.


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