Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 8

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All I can hear is silence, pure perfect silence. Hmph, odd. My pain no longer is a type of pain but a sensation. Like eating a pepper for the taste but not the spiciness. Anyway, back to the point. Time feels to have stopped and now I do hear something, wind. I can feel brush though my hair like a pair of hands caressing my warmth. Hah, or that’s what a loser would say.

“Where are you.”

I feel demanding, so that’s what I say. I get this aura, presence, or whatever and it is going to be the end of me. All I feel is murderous intent. How lovely. I can easily tell that I am not at school with my friends. Clearly I am at a cliff overlooking the Ocean, maybe a hundred meters up or so. I stick my arm out, reaching above it feeling the Ocean spray float into my fingertips.

“What, are you an idiot? I am not about to be trapped in here with an idiot.”

“Huh,” I mutter.

“My name is Kanagawa,” this 20 or so year old student says.

“Oh, you can speak English. All the better, yoroshiku.”

I glance over my shoulder, back to the Ocean. Hmmm, Kanagawa, that’s what he says.

As his hair and clothing are swept forward he shouts, “You may think your special! But your not! I will make you powerless and through that you will become more than you ever were going to be. Are. You. Ready?”

Sprinting at me his footsteps launch him forward at an unimaginable speed, ridiculous I know, but in this moment he is speed itself. There will not be and never was another way to describe it.


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