Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 9

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I am not in shock, I am not in a moment, I can move… I just don’t have time to. A few more milliseconds and I could counter it then spin but that day will never come where I am on his level. At least, that’s how it feels as his hand gently touches my chest, open palm and everything, okay… now I’m in shock. He smirks, the rest of his hair catching up to him and floating forward.

Reaching my arm forward, wait… nope it won’t move in time. Jeez. Stupid body. I feel my tears coming to my eyes, as the air being forced from my lungs registers. His hand becomes distanced from my chest and my far outreached hand almost grasps his fingertips. All I can see now, are the trees peeking over the cliff as he stands there and watches. My tears floating upward as I continue falling. The clouds daunt me as they sit up on their high horse… I take action from the shock and turn head-first into the water, tears bubbling past my shoelaces. Water. Mind. Clear. Think, where. I am here. That’s where.

I continue to drift down into the sweet, blue abyss, engulfing me, the sunlight fades from my blurred eyes. I feel more than just the light fading, I hate this, I hate being powerless. Nothing more right now could possibly make me feel inferior, I have tried my whole life, acting as though it has been nothing when inside I am dying. Engines pumping till they are overdue everyday, trying my all and brushing it off like that man did to me. One push, and poof. Gone, shattered, broken, torn. My chest fills with water as these thoughts fade away, and my memories of my life do so.

Glass… is what hits my back. All I can feel is that now, not the pressure, nor the water slowly filling every part of me. The cold glass which should be the sea floor, but light escapes it. Blank. No more.

No less.


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