Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel, Page 10

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“Haha,” I wake up laughing, my eyes open in the burning sensation of salt.

The cold glass is lighted, I still have no idea how I am still here. I shouldn’t be, this had to have been some dream or at least some craziness. This is stupid, I know what to do now. I reach out my left hand.

The bracelet glows as it sits loosely on my outstretched hand. I mutter, “kodo doroppu” a feather drops from the bracelet, and hits into the ground as the glass under me has a ripple effect starting from the spot of the feather. Next thing, blueish… no green? I’ll just call it turquoise, blue in the back fading to a greenish sea color in the front, spikes appear around the bracelet.

The world has changed, I am back to the cliff.

Clapping as he says, “Good, good. Now I can appreciate you, I will be your weapon. You remember what you did? Yes, well you will learn. Go, but tell no one who I am. I will be with you when you wake up. Also asleep, because you drained more out of me to create this world than you have. Hmmm, I will give you something to prove that this isn’t a dream. Surprises are fun aren’t they?”

He walks up to me, as I speechlessly stand there in the presence of his ominous form.




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