Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 11

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Kanagawa smirks, “I can’t help you anymore, you have gone beyond the boundary of life and death.” A small pause occurs. “You are now in control of… well,” he puts his hand on the back of his head and laughs, “You’ll find out.”

Tapping my forehead the environment around me go with a sort of evanescence. Similarities to burning a photo in multiple spots aren’t far off. The dark, milky warm room show me reality. Guess what, if things couldn’t get more uncanny. Now I have a small bear cuddling under my arm. Great. I sit up, cough up water, and run to the bathroom. Pulling off my shirt suddenly, the pain on my back might be the reason. A large tattoostretches from the middle of my back, to my neck, this is cool.

“Wow, you have to be kidding me”

My vision is too blurry to see it clearly, but anyone would be able to tell what this is. Abnormal.

As I open the bathroom door, the bear is sitting there like a cat or dog.
“Hey, get out of the way” I mumble.

“Hey” It responds.

“I’m Kanagawa”


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