Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 12

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Being the least bit shocked and the most bit irritable, I clearly state

“Shi-ne” (Language Japanese, direct translation = die, indirect translation = piss off)

I waltz my way back to the bed and plop down, my face hitting the comforting comforter. Heh, I guess it’s doing its job.

The bear, to anyones surprise, seems more like a cat than anything. Which is a reasonable excuse to keep him, but the fact that he is quite adorable makes the whole situation even more aggravating.

Seriously, why me? Was I subconsciously wishing for this? I have no clue but on the other hand, I could hardly care less. All I want is more sleep, as right now isn’t exactly the best time to before wandering about.

Rather than talk to the bear, I should probably say Kanagawa, I pop in my earphones and play some music. Eye lids falling shut, skin bristling from the pain of my tattoo, arm hairs rising as the cold air caresses the skin of mine, a current of oxygen flows in as the music fades. I fall asleep once again.

While I’m asleep Kanagawa is nice enough to take out my headphones but mean enough to ball up and lay on my chest. The music continues in my dream, as I lay there on a beach. Sand crumbling under my body as I try to sit up, but all of that fails. My body doesn’t move. Instead I’m frozen just like that moment of being pushed by Kangawa, the water slowly rises and rises over the hours during the tide. Eventually I am pulled into the ocean but I was able to admire the starry sky meanwhile.


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