Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 14

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I can’t describe her, but ughh she is so beautiful. Wait? What? Never mind, focusing on the important matters are what is key at the moment. Yeah, I am the cook here. Not her.

“Hey! Could have sworn we agreed that you would buy groceries and then I cook?!?”

She turns back to her pan and I prop myself up on one elbow, but as in all anime I get a nosebleed when I see what is to be of her assets. Yeah, breaking the 4th wall of life and knowing that somehow I should be the main character of an anime at this point is undoubtedly real.

“Whatcha makin’?” I say with an almost pleading, pathetic voice as I feel I have rendered myself useless in this household already.

“Tamagoyaki, bacon inside too, and there just happens to be a few layers of cheese” (Language Japanese, direct translation = Japanese omelet, indirect translation = omelet that has been folded on top of itself multiple times during the cooking process to create different layers and textures)

“Mmmmm,” I say once again staring up at the ceiling while munching on my muffin.

“I guess, ummm~… thanks, it smells good”

“Oh trust me, your going to love it” She turns around and winks. Which really throws me off, as every Japanese girl I have ever known would never… ever wink at a guy. Ehh, well… whatever. Who cares. Not me, not at this point, too many strange things have happened to bother to care.


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