Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 15

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So, to start off with. The whole house smells like the Pillsbury doughboy decided to poo on our stove. The overpowering scent of vanilla, wait not just any, ummm~  I think it is Mexican vanilla the way it smells and the color of the darkened glass bottle next to her.


I feel like my life is really together right now, everything is going so smoothly, and then this chick busts up in here.


Maybe I should write about this. Ooooh, maybe a vlog of how my life has become hell.


“What kind of music do you like?”


As she turns to reply the light from the window in front of her and the stove hits her just right. Time feels like it slows down as her hair seems to flutter behind her pivotal movement, and she is drop dead gorgeous. Maybe it was the lighting last night from those little red lanterns but jeez does she look good in natural lighting. Time is still slow as a cat trying to cover up its poop in a concrete parking lot, yeah, slow.


The first thing I see is the side of her collar bone which leads up to jaw line… her beautiful darker skin makes her jaw even more slimming which leads up to her somewhat rosy cheeks and theseee damn enchanting golden eyes, you know what forget it.


“Uuuuuuuum” she prowls as her eyes meet the ceiling and she leans back on the oven handle, putting her finger to her lips she thinks.


“I like any kind of music, but my favorite is the super happy, kawaii music” (Language Japanese, direct translation = cute and adorable, indirect translation = like a freaking puppy/kitten staring you in the eyes after you stepped on its tail)


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