Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 16

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“Favorite movies?”


Hmmm, she continues to think but leans back a little further. I should probably interrupt.


“Hey, why don’t we sit down and you tell me a bit more rather than this idle chat. I’d lov-, I mean like to get to know you but somethings are a bit more important at the moment”


“Okay!” She says and haphazardly walks to the walks while serving up the tamagoyaki.


We sit down at the uneven slab of what you might call a wood table. Leading onto the conversation, her eyes look down to the food as she takes one of her hands to push back her hair over her ear.




“Yeah?” She looks up, a little dazed, but still there is some effort. Her left palm sets on her cheek bone from where she brushed the hair away.


Her eyes stream from the bottom of my face, up my cheek and to my eye. I notice all of this only because she looks me softly into my eyes, and I lose a little bit of myself. What the hell.


“Be my girlfriend”


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