Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 21

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My hand all sweaty from that little bit, I clutch her wrist and pull her towards my room.

Walking down the hallway to my room, the bamboo wood floors slide nicely on our socks. I may have mentioned that she was wearing nothing but her undergarments? Well she was also wearing long socks, to be a little more specific, long black thigh socks with a panda on the front. This managed to slip my mind, well, you understand why.

Anyways, “Open it” it comes out so casually, I feel so cool. Kana’s hand reaches for the door knob I actually dart in front of her to stop it but she almost grabs something else… I blush and dart into my room.

“Sorry! I forgot about something!!!”

I have Japanese laying all over my bed because I was learning it… I would look like a total idiot if she saw that. Man, why do I even care. Seriously, “Just come in” *sigh*

“Oh, myyyy is that what I think it is? You don’t know Japanese very well do you.” She sticks her tongue out and winks, but to top it off she does that stupid head cocking thing again. Ughhh.

“No, okay, my Mother is American and my Father was Japanese. I’m a half… and I came over here looking for my Dad when I was young but he was killed before my very eyes. My mother lives abroad while I live here independent of her”


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