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If Anything I’ll Be a Japanese Hobo

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So, I haven’t actually written anything in a while. Well, besides that novel, but whatever that doesn’t count. My fingers are itching for something else at the moment. I kinda actually just want’t to vent my happiness.

Right now, I’m probably at one of… no, the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. 

I’ve known about Japan all my life, as a kid I watched shit (in a good way of course) like Hamtaro, Naruto, etc. and I got this kind of idealistic view of Japan, then last Summer I figured out that people can actually go there to study abroad in High School. Well, shoot, too late now. So instead I tried my hardest to see how I could go there other than this High School year. Well, I can go after High School actually, and go to school for another year. Problem is, no money. Even if I worked I can’t make that dream come true in time.

So that day, I started asking questions to my Otousans (Language Japanese, direct translation = Fathers). Then minutes later I spent my weekends watching videos and reading articles on Japan, turns out that Japan is the greatest goddamn place on this earth… to be a foreigner you see. Eh, never mind, let me rephrase that. Japan is the greatest goddamn place on this earth for my specific type of people. The people that love something different every day, and then love the clean and respectable people who work for each other rather than for themselves. Americans, well they just don’t get how to shut up and enjoy or hate life. They just want to bitch about it. And that’s that.

Shikataganai (Language Japanese, direct translation = it can’t be helped, indirect translation = I’m saying this so I don’t stress about things in the past) Hence the Japanese way of thinking. I’m sorry but it’s genius.

After all this, I completely forgot what I was going to tell you. Anyways, what it was is that being a foreigner in Japan = awesome. Being Japanese in Japan = not so awesome. They work incredibly hard, and (mostly) for this reason the birth rates are dropping. As my friend Kana said, (Note: She is Japanese) “We just don’t have the time for a boyfriend or girlfriend”

I could write a whole ‘nother article on Japanese marriages, work, etc. well I could actually write at least 20 but that’s all for another day. So, from that point on, I found the discrepancies and facts. I have never been there, so to actually write something solid, I need first hand experience.

I’ve read and read and read, watched and watched and watched. I simply enjoy the place. Other than that, I’m about to head off to college. A year after that I’ll hopefully head off to Japan for further studies towards my Physics degree. I have a future, and it’s about to be all in my hands. If anything I’ll be a Japanese hobo, drunkenly yelling at Japanese people as they walk by under the sea of stars on the cold park grass where I’ll piratically never get mugged.I have plenty of other reasons to be happy, but looking at my future makes me the happiest right now.



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