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I’m only doing this for my self, similar to a website called Gakuran.com, where in the beginning before he went to Japan he simply made a few articles to update on the process.

Well, the MEXT Scholarship just came out, so I’ll passionately be pouring a lot of my time to study for the exams for school. I have AP, Cristo Rey, and regular exams all to take soon before I take my final year of “Sit in class and waste our time”. Hopefully in college I can have some teachers who actually feed us some information.

I always find that college professors seem better teachers, or at least they know some random information that I oddly find intriguing. Anyways, yeah, the uh~ MEXT scholarship just came out, since I missed last year without knowing it even existed.

Soon, I will apply. I even have the papers lying next to me as we speak. A grand a month to live off of, no college tuition, and I get to live in one of the greatest places in the world. My only fear is not the tests, interview, and 2x screening. But simply the entrance exams to the colleges, as my Japanese friends study day and night for them… years prior. I’m not about that life, so I’ll continue on somehow with some specific goals.

In the end, #ThugLife.


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