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Communism Shall Reign (People’s Pie | iCivics)

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So, I played this game for my Government class, this is the result I wrote, for fun about communism (aka the best form of Government) as a joke. Hope you like the bit of it.


On the start of my journey to a perfect socialist movement, I decided that I would tax everyone equally. Although I wanted high taxes, the people may have started a revolution, so I decided to ease my communism onto their shoulders with medium taxes. Same with the retirement age, see, I simply think that everyone should work hard until they turn 70 and can enjoy in the splendors of life. But, they may revolt, so I must simply lower it 5 years to give the veneer of normality to this change.

I must educate the citizens if I am going to make nuclear warheads nuclear power. Which means, if I give them free University education then they will believe that I am doing something great. Wonderful, sway the citizens before they realize the massive industry of intellectuals I am building. Although this “Teachers’ Feet” program seems like a waste of money, I mean, why comfort the teachers when they just need to work harder. Tch, such a waste of money. And, “Museum Madness” bwahaha, you’ve got to be kidding me. Who needs to adore the past when you are building a future bigger than the mongols. The sun will light every part of our empire.

Managing finance is one of my biggest concerns, because I mean seriously, why would I do it myself? Courts of Appeal, approved. Archive Explorers, approved. White House Operations, approved. I did all of this to put a nice facade out there to show the citizens I care about them. They can search the archives, visit the white house, and go to their little courts of appeal. Where of course, none of this really matters but to keep those silly plebeians under control while I slowly take over the world without their prior knowledge.

Social Security & Medicare, well to be quite frank. Natural selection is a large part of my newly found empire. So disability insurance is quite unnecessary, as my Mother had it, and I can confirm that we no longer really need those who cannot serve our empire. Our country is based on numbers. I do not care about your name, a social security number is what each citizen represents in the database. Therefore added security and research are needed indefinitely.

Defense & Military are too expensive for a leader like me. U.S. Air Force, no. Vouchers for Military Kids, no. Bionic tank Research, no. Now, this earned me a lot of disapproval. But money was and is definitely being spent in the wrong areas. Chemical warfare, and nuclear advances are all that is needed to make other countries fear us. Now, some countries have used them on their own citizens, but mine will be smarter than that to revolt. Easily taking over the other 195 countries because they don’t want their citizens will be annihilated. Planning to use one or two countries as examples will be difficult on my mind but for the greater empire it will serve us well.

Agriculture is most needed, the citizens will need to be fed. Unlike North Korea, my citizens will be well fed. Equally fed. Research in Nutrition for Women & Infants is needed. But more so a National Plow would increase the productivity of farming. This “Green Vegetable Research” seemed cool, but useless. Genetic engineering of crops and animals would be better suited for the allocation of those funds.

Hong Kong, is a prime example of extreme over pollution. They need to get their defecation coagulated, and thus we will not become them. Chemistry Courses for everyone in college, approved. Clean Vehicle allowance, approved. Fossil Energy Program, approved. I will not allow my citizens to live in that type of environment, and once I conquer other countries they will submit to the same type of enforcement. A clean world, sooner. Brought to you by me.

Homeland security is not important anymore, with the lack of threats and the overall general peace. That funding will be allocated to hit men, who will take out any “radicals”, we will call them. Sniffing cats, now darn, that’s pretty cool. And an idea you don’t see that often, I wanted to approve it, but I simply can’t waste money on my own endeavors. An unmanned aerial system? Useless, we don’t need to worry about people trying to get into the country. Fancier green cards are nice, although there won’t be any visitors under one single rule, sorry to disappoint.

State & Foreign affairs are very powerful. I need to gain the trust of my neighbors so that they communicate and submit easier. Making it seem like a treaty rather than a take over. This is why I funded International Peacekeeping, but silly things to fund the diplomats were cut off. Because I will be doing this myself.

Travel around an empire or just America will be a hassle, but no need for silly things like helicopters. As they suck down a large chunk of fuel and are not as efficient as cars. Monorails, however are very efficient and will be used nation wide. Similar to Japan. Flying cars are lumped in with helicopters, simply inefficient.

Approval of all the things to help the citizens of my country in Labor, Health, & Human Services is something I’m fond of, because these people need the help that they can get. Funding was put towards Support Programs for Families to help those in need and make sure the children grow up in a nice and calm environment not struggling for money. A pandemic can wipe a country from right to left quickly, so funding went to prevent that, simply because it is important.  Office of minority health received some funding to also help prevent any pandemics.

In the end I borrowed $200 billion in order to show other countries that we are still borrowing and not doing better than them. During the second round I made only decisions that made the people happy and not one other to make them unhappy, building their trust as a leader before the great revolution behind their watch. I borrowed $600 billion to appease them, and show other countries that times are getting worse for America, but better for the people.


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