Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 22

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As I show off my room that lacks even a speck of dust, it is starting to feel a bit obvious that I avoid the death of my father every time.


She notices the bear laying on my bed all curled up.


“I didn’t notice you had a pet! None the less such an adorable Bob-Cat…” As she examines it closer, “Wow! Look how milky his fur is. He is a little chubby though…”


As her hand moves toward him. “Nonono! Don’t do that!”


She pokes the bulge of his stomach while he sleeps, albeit Kanagawa doesn’t seem to like that too much.


Mumbling, “what the hell” as he moves a little to put his paw on his face and block the light from awakening his feint eyes anymore.


“Did your cat just talk?” Kana says as she giggles a little, blatant to the fact that her little joke was ironically true.


Kanagawa starts to slowly stretch and the wrinkles in the sheet increase around his little feet as they push at it.


“Yo, main character dude, I make you all-powerful yet you can’t make me breakfast?”


Kana loses her mind and feints, as he somehow dashes quickly enough to become a cushion for her head”


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