Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 24

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Throwing my feet up onto the table as I say it, and putting my hands behind my head of course.

Hearing the rustling in the bathroom, and the horrendous sound of various items breaking I get up suddenly and fling open the door.

I see him straightening his aqua/cyan-ish colored tie, total school uniform. Same as the last time I saw him. Haha. Opening the door so fast does this little flick of his silvery white hair that should have been in slow motion. Chiseled jaw line that even the mirror can hardly reflect it is so sharp. He has this very refined, prince, eh no maybe like that really smart kid in your school kind of person that gets all your high school crushes from you and rejects them. Putting them back down on your level.

Shirt untucked kind of adds that punk vibe to him, but not punk enough to tuck his hands half-way into his pockets and walk around all “yare yare daze” (Direct Translation = Give me a break, Indirect Translation = Something a punk would say before a fight)


I look at him in amazement as his hair kind of drifts back to the sides of his face and neck. Maybe a few on his forehead.

“You think I’ve got the refined and lazy look down?” he says in a higher pitched voice, a dramatic change of character from what you would expect he cocks his head and brings a finger to his lip. WHATTT, HE EVEN TRIES?

“You said that out loud” trying to hold in his giggling he closes his eyes and throws his head back even harder. Pushing the loose strands of hair behind his ear, with little delay.



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