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Headed To Atlanta for Japan?


So, yeah. I’m driving to Atlanta this month, because  I was somehow accepted into the amazing MEXT program. I honestly don’t know how. The Japanese government asks me to head down there for an interview, and if I manage to do just everything right in April I’ll be shipped off to Tokyo with my ticket paid. Shipped somewhere else, and have my college paid for. With about 117,000 yen a month to live off of that the government gives me. If I use that money wisely and carefully, in Japan that 117,000 yen a month feels like 3,500 – 4,000 American dollars a month. I still have no idea what’s happening, but I’m happy just to have the opportunity to do this. 1 year of language training so far, once I get there I will have a through year of language training, and 5 years of Japanese University studies.

Wish me luck, please, with everything you have so that I can accomplish something that would make me happier than a hindu cow.

~Noah (^~^)v




2 thoughts on “Headed To Atlanta for Japan?

  1. Hey, I just surfed in from a comment you made on Ken Seeroi’s site and wanted to wish you good luck! I’ll probably be headed on a similar path to your own but have to get the small matter of an accredited degree accomplished first, hopefully in a year’s time i will be following you down the rabbit hole to the far east. Good luck from Ireland!

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