Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 25

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“Come onnnnnn, all you do is undermine me.”

“Well that’s because that is where you belong, haven’t you ever hear of respecting those above you, like your boss or elders?”

Rubbing the peak of my nose in-between my eyes, jeez, this guy causes a lot of stress.

“The reason I was sealed in that bracelet was because I’m one of the most powerful demons you could ever come across,” elegantly throwing his hand open and to the side as though he is all that, “as a child I was feared up and as a adolescent I was fathomed. Being sealed away by wil-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” moving my hand up and down with each yeah, the dumb and exhausted look on my face shuts him up.

Looking like he was struck by lightning from that rejection, he just stands there.

An explosively loud noise flashes into the house from the living room. The front door comes about an eighth of the way into the bathroom wall almost cutting pretty deep into my face, if not for a few inches of air in between me and it.


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