Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 26

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Three cloaked with hardened features stand at the doorway, two stand just inside the doorway while one dashes for Kana.

“Check this.” Kanagawa, slowly unbuttons his sleeve and pulls it back, but by this time the man already has Kana cradled in his arms. She obviously must be under some sort of heavy sleep spell because she doesn’t move a muscle.

Ever played Pokémon? Yeah? Well you remember those weird markings were on Kyogre and Groudon? The legendaries, you can’t possibly forget. That suddenly ran up his arm and formed many designs as it grew up his arm, the bright blue light reaching up to his shoulder I assume, he suddenly goes out of the bathroom at unreal speeds. The man is met with a jab into his stomach, blood splatters all over the wall, and quickly he crouches onto Kanagawa’s shoulder. Pulling out he catches Kana, walking her over to me, the other two men stand there as he puts her into my hands.

I crouch to the floor holding her, as Kanagawa seemingly goes forth to the second man, this time with a kick to the ribs. Easily blocked with the man’s forearm, it slows down for a second, breaks, and carries through throwing the man quite far outside. A dusty collapse onto the street as the next man pulls out a Katakana (Direct Translation = Japanese traditional sword). Swinging towards Kanagawa, yet I feel a thump on the back of my neck and suddenly black out, not knowing what happened. Waking up with a rock next to me, presumably a demon soul, the blood is gone and so is everyone else.

Kanagawa lays rolled out next to me, dead. His white fur, soaked in his blood from a large gash in the side of his stomach. This is where the real story begins.


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