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5 Reasons Why You Should Work For Starbucks

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I AM A FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT. So I work at Starbucks now, and because I am so busy I just want to stay the college part so you don’t judge me or whatever. I used to work in a comfortable place similar to a stock brokerage during the summers, and I have been fortunate to be with some of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. Especially Darlene, coolest chick on earth, cooler than my girlfriend, I say this only because she has probably been one of the most helpful people I have ever met, and by far one of the best managers I have ever had. A cool boss, makes a good job, you could be scraping cement off of a sewer and still have a good time with a cool boss.

1. Free College

So they kinda have this thing with Arizona State University, that allows free online classes at the expense of Starbucks. Nothing else, nothing more.

2. Annoying Customers

Yeah, yeah. I know, this is supposed to be a thing that is bad right? No, we actually all have headsets. Thus meaning that whenever you cause a fuss or are just a cool person in general, we get a good laugh.

3. Drinks, Food, Who Cares!

Starbucks is making a fortune off of drinks, meaning that it doesn’t hurt them to give their staff drinks for free. Hey, why not hype up all of our staff so they are smiling like Mickey Mouse on a robust Tuesday and make sure they are never tired… right?

4. Meals on The House

You can eat one item every shift during your ten minute break, or is it once a day? I’m not sure but it gets you a good experience of the food to recommend to the customers, and the food is so minimal, you are not gonna get tired after eating.

5. The Smell

Now, for a lot of people the smell will fade into the background. But, for some reason most smells don’t fade for me, so if you like perfume or cologne please wear it, I love it. In a coffee house? Damn son, it smells like coffee and bleach all the time, everything is super clean all the time and then we have at least a hundred pounds of coffee sitting right above our heads… from all over the equator. It smells great all the time.


(Bonus note)

People seem to order more “Frappuccinos” than hot drinks, so it feels like Starbucks is really just more of a smoothie shop than a coffee shop. But with coffee added in your smoothie.

(The Real Reason to Work at Starbucks)

You can transfer anywhere in the world (somewhat) but, you are not interested in that… right?



One thought on “5 Reasons Why You Should Work For Starbucks

  1. 😁 you are pretty cool yourself! You are gonna excel in everything you do. I can’t wait to see your name somewhere, when you hit it big, and say ya know, I knew him when he was a kid. You just made my night Noah, thank you.


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