Wandering Alpha Bear

Tsuso, or whatever it is.

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This cute little cat laying next to my foot as I type this, trying to walk all over the keyboard, reaching out at my hands, and coming with me wherever I go. He watches me eat, play video games, sleep… I mean seriously he is some sort of stalker or something.

But that isn’t even the worst part. My brother left the cat behind with a warning, one that said, “He will literally try to knaw at your eyeballs while you sleep.” And boy-oh-boy he wasn’t lying. I have been getting awful sleep, but in the least I still have my eyeballs. The little sucker likes to claw at my scalp like he is going to make me bleed

Although, how can you hate a face like that. I wish I could attach an audio clip of how happy he is, I could probably roll him through the grass and the neighbors would think I’m mowing the lawn.


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