Wandering Alpha Bear

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 26

Three cloaked with hardened features stand at the doorway, two stand just inside the doorway while one dashes for Kana.

“Check this.” Kanagawa, slowly unbuttons his sleeve and pulls it back, but by this time the man already has Kana cradled in his arms. She obviously must be under some sort of heavy sleep spell because she doesn’t move a muscle. Continue reading


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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 25

“Come onnnnnn, all you do is undermine me.”

“Well that’s because that is where you belong, haven’t you ever hear of respecting those above you, like your boss or elders?”

Rubbing the peak of my nose in-between my eyes, jeez, this guy causes a lot of stress. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 24

Throwing my feet up onto the table as I say it, and putting my hands behind my head of course.

Hearing the rustling in the bathroom, and the horrendous sound of various items breaking I get up suddenly and fling open the door.

I see him straightening his aqua/cyan-ish colored tie, total school uniform. Same as the last time I saw him. Haha. Opening the door so fast does this little flick of his silvery white hair that should have been in slow motion. Chiseled jaw line that even the mirror can hardly reflect it is so sharp. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 23

“Wow, looks like she won’t bother us for a while”


“Well considering you just made her pass-out you are obviously a little much for ‘normal’ people”


I grab one of the gel pillows off the bed and put it under her head, realizing she really isn’t all that heavy and start to pick her up. Leaning back down to grab the pillow then shortly after putting it on her chest to carry both. She holds the pillow and I nod in the direction of the doorway to Kanagawa.


“You really shouldn’t scare people like that, they can’t handle it, so try to keep it on the low you idiot”


I slowly set her down onto the couch, placing the pillow behind her head, and then putting her hands forced down by gravity alongside the couch, to a more comfortable positon onto her chest. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 22

As I show off my room that lacks even a speck of dust, it is starting to feel a bit obvious that I avoid the death of my father every time.


She notices the bear laying on my bed all curled up.


“I didn’t notice you had a pet! None the less such an adorable Bob-Cat…” As she examines it closer, “Wow! Look how milky his fur is. He is a little chubby though…”


As her hand moves toward him. “Nonono! Don’t do that!” Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 21

My hand all sweaty from that little bit, I clutch her wrist and pull her towards my room.

Walking down the hallway to my room, the bamboo wood floors slide nicely on our socks. I may have mentioned that she was wearing nothing but her undergarments? Well she was also wearing long socks, to be a little more specific, long black thigh socks with a panda on the front. This managed to slip my mind, well, you understand why.

Anyways, “Open it” it comes out so casually, I feel so cool. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 20

“I don’t know because my father was killed when I was young…”

“Aww, I’m sorry for asking… well, want to send some Youmu back to the Shinigami society?”

“Yeah, I’m in the mood for some blood lust, hehehe, who ever kills more wins?” As I take a sip of my water I slam it back down on the table empty and wipe the little bit that got on the tip of my nose.

“Whoever loses has to, hmmmm, drink a wasabi filled soda.”


I take one last bite of my tamagoyaki, run away from the chair while slipping on the carpet a little because of my socks. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 19

“Yeah, so?”


She slams her hands on the table and yells at me forwardly, “HOW DOES THAT NOT SURPRISE YOU!?!”


“Well, you said your sister was a Shinigami so I’m just waiting for more info. Also, your cleavage is practically in my face, so if you coul-“ I start to point but


She slaps my hand away and sits back down with her arms crossed looking away, and blushing. “My sister is a Shinigami because father brought her into the noble family quickly, riding of my mother and getting married quickly after to act as her mother. She has been blessed with his skills of these golden eyes which when paired with special crafted glasses by~, um sorry giving too much information, but they bring out their power.”


“Mother is full Succubus and Father was full Shinigami, they managed to make me and her but since she was in a noble family he managed to cover it up.”


“Ah, I see” Munching on a little bit of bacon from the tamagoyaki.


“Wait, aren’t Succubus’ supposed to be sexy and seductive?” I tease by sticking my tongue out like a child.


“Mhmmm,” she agrees, “but I’m not well educated on the whole thing, I just know that I shouldn’t let you near my mom, because with the little demon that I am the scent of your pheromones is intoxicating… what kind of demon are you?”

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 18

“Wait, you have a sister!?!”

“Yeah, Hinano is a Shinigami noble but has been distastefully treated since the death of father”

“You mean the Hinano at our school? The one who wears the thin wire rimmed glasses and a bunny book-bag”

Hahaha she laughs oddly, “yeah I’m surprised you noticed, typically people who have seen Shinigami forget about them, it’s a part of the job spells you gain”

Maybe on second thought she wanted him to notice her…

“I always thought she was kind of cute, but how in the world is that little girl your sister??? None-the-less a full-fledged Shinigami!”

“Well, father took her, and mother took me so that one of us could become a noble Shinigami”

“Let me explain this there are the gods of death, the Shinigami”

Ughh, this is going to be a while.

“The Shinigami live alongside us, but they also have a separate world which you’re not supposed to know about because you’re 100% demon. Continue reading

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Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 17

“Okay” She nonchalantly shrugs.

Shit. Well, what am I supposed to do here. This isn’t me, I don’t have those kind of balls, take it back, take it back, take it back.

“Oh, haha, I was just joking”

“Oh…” She kind of sadly looks to the side and continues eating.

So back to the plot. What is going on here. Continue reading