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Rice. You’re Doing it Wrong

So, this is very similar to another post on Japanese Rule of 7  http://japaneseruleof7.com/how-to-make-rice

(Go check the article out and his awesome website)

Although I thought I could simplify it a bit for those lax people out there.

Step 1: Grab a nearby beer, if no beer, hard liquor because this is going to be, wait for it, a freakin’ difficult process.

Step 2: If you haven’t already, buy some damn rice ya idiot. Who makes rice without the rice!?! Sailors just don’t sail without an ocean, so go grab you some rice. Continue reading


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Communism Shall Reign (People’s Pie | iCivics)

So, I played this game for my Government class, this is the result I wrote, for fun about communism (aka the best form of Government) as a joke. Hope you like the bit of it.


On the start of my journey to a perfect socialist movement, I decided that I would tax everyone equally. Although I wanted high taxes, the people may have started a revolution, so I decided to ease my communism onto their shoulders with medium taxes. Same with the retirement age, see, I simply think that everyone should work hard until they turn 70 and can enjoy in the splendors of life. But, they may revolt, so I must simply lower it 5 years to give the veneer of normality to this change.

I must educate the citizens if I am going to make nuclear warheads nuclear power. Continue reading

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It’s Coming Soon

I’m only doing this for my self, similar to a website called Gakuran.com, where in the beginning before he went to Japan he simply made a few articles to update on the process.

Well, the MEXT Scholarship just came out, so I’ll passionately be pouring a lot of my time to study for the exams for school. I have AP, Cristo Rey, and regular exams all to take soon before I take my final year of “Sit in class and waste our time”. Hopefully in college I can have some teachers who actually feed us some information.

I always find that college professors seem better teachers, or at least they know some random information that I oddly find intriguing. Anyways, yeah, the uh~ MEXT scholarship just came out, since I missed last year without knowing it even existed.

Soon, I will apply. Continue reading

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If Anything I’ll Be a Japanese Hobo

So, I haven’t actually written anything in a while. Well, besides that novel, but whatever that doesn’t count. My fingers are itching for something else at the moment. I kinda actually just want’t to vent my happiness.

Right now, I’m probably at one of… no, the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.  Continue reading

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Questions, Yes Questions, I Have Them Too.

Creatively, God designed this Universe. Whether I know if this is true or not, I will never know. Even when I die I may not ever know, but I hope that my questions about the Cosmos can be answered someday. Even if they are from someone whom I have no faith in. My desired field of study happens to be Astronomical Physics, or Astrophysics. This topic has neither end nor start, but I can at least ask a question and hope that soon enough I can answer it for others too.

The Study of Physics, dreaded by many yet everyone is curious. Why does this book really fall just as fast as the peanut even though the book is heavy enough to be a pain to carry? Although I lug around this book all day, why can it not teach me why everything falls 9.8 meters per second per second. Continue reading

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Ahoy! All Aboard the Awkwardly Quiet Ship!

You may have heard but Japanese people are really nice and friendly, but the alternative side to that is they are ridiculously Quiet compared to Americans. Walking down the street towards a 東京の地下鉄 or Tokyo subway, I can be expected to not talk to anyone right? Right.  Yet then someone bumps into me or steps on the back of my shoe, which I absolutely despise and hold grudges against anyone who does this, in America people would say, “O-Sorry, I really didn’t mean to!” but nooooooo! In Japan if that happens, well it just doesn’t happen. Oddly enough people are observant even though they are living zombies who say they are “Land of the Rising Sun” but they could possibly be the worst morning people ever. Not cranky or anything, but when I get on the train and I’m just chinchillin I couldn’t possibly imagine someone starting a conversation with me out of the reminiscent, swaying, train. Continue reading