Wandering Alpha Bear

Life Through Death; Manga Novel Page 23

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“Wow, looks like she won’t bother us for a while”


“Well considering you just made her pass-out you are obviously a little much for ‘normal’ people”


I grab one of the gel pillows off the bed and put it under her head, realizing she really isn’t all that heavy and start to pick her up. Leaning back down to grab the pillow then shortly after putting it on her chest to carry both. She holds the pillow and I nod in the direction of the doorway to Kanagawa.


“You really shouldn’t scare people like that, they can’t handle it, so try to keep it on the low you idiot”


I slowly set her down onto the couch, placing the pillow behind her head, and then putting her hands forced down by gravity alongside the couch, to a more comfortable positon onto her chest.


“So kid, your saying it might be better to show my human form around people?”


“Well, yeah… isn’t that painfully obvious?”


“Sure, is it okay if I do that in the bathroom” the deep calm voice, really complimenting his current appearance.


I casually say, “Yeah, go right ahead, make yourself at home why don’t cha” since everyone seems to not give a damn and invade my life anyways.


Throwing my feet up onto the table as I say it, and putting my hands behind my head of course.


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